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The Sangamon Ordinance Plant, Its Impact and Legacy

  • May 16, 2017
  • 5:30 PM
  • Carnegie Room North, Lincoln Public Library

Back by popular demand, this program is about the massive munitions operation that in the early 1940's rose on the farm fields of Illiopolis.

This powerful and comprehensive audio and visual presentation gives historical context to the U. S. government's decision to build a nearly 32 mile-square city on prime farmland virtually overnight during World War II. While the operation displaced hundreds of local farms and families and brought unwanted congestion to a once bucolic village, it had a broader impact on Springfield. The city supplied much of the munitions plant labor force -- most of them women -- and changed social and business patterns that are will with us today.

This program was first presented to a standing room only crowd last fall at the Buffalo Public Library, and again at a township hall in Illiopolis. Because of the munitions plant's impact on Springfield and the surrounding area and because many people did not get the opportunity to see the program, it is being presented again. 

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