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Cost of Oiled Roads

April 13, 2013 11:08 AM | Nancy Chapin
Raising money for infrastructure is nothing new for residents of Sangamon County. In 1921 there was excitement about the possibility of raising enough money just to oil the main county roads.

The following article appeared in the Illinois State Register on Thursday, January 25, 1921: 

Cost of Oiled Roads

With the township highway officers and the majority of the taxpayers behind it, the effort to secure the oiling of all main roads in Sangamon county should be successful. The committee appointed by the board of supervisors is carrying on its negotiations with the township officers in a tactful manner and they are responding in a fine spirit of co-operation.

There are some difficulties in the way of financing the work. It may be necessary in some of the townships to submit to the voters at the spring election the question of a special tax to cover the expense.

Chairman Roger E. Chapin of the board of supervisors, at the meeting held Tuesday, very sensibly called the attention of the supervisors and road commissioners present to the fact that while the initial expense of carrying out the oiling plan may seem to be burdensome, the fact is that if the results are considered in connection with the expense as spread over a series of years in the future it will be found that the cost of oiling the roads and making them permanently good will be no more, and may be less, than the cost of working them in the old way and making them good only until the next muddy period.

This is certainly worth the consideration of the taxpayers who have to stand the expense of road-making. If we can get better roads for the same or less money we surely should have them.

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